Welcome to Our Campaign – Dan Chapin for Congress


Working to Restore and Advance the Middle Class

Welcome to my site.  I am running as an Independent candidate in the General Election in Colorado for U.S. House in the 6th Congressional District.   I will be running in the General Election to Represent the citizens of Colorado 6th CD and indirectly the Middle Class of America.

I believe Colorado elections should be for the citizens and especially for Coloradans and not just the privileged, the well off, or the 1% who continue to find new ways to purchase politicians.  With this in mind I will not be accepting any donations or contributions from special interests or Economic Royalists especially outside of Colorado.  What I will be accepting is your Vote and a reasonable donation that all Coloradans can manage.  With your help we can make Colorado the first State, of hopefully many, where Votes are more important than cash.