American  Middleclass  Party

“Let’s get AMP’d and Recharge the Middle Class”

The goal of AMP is to raise the standard of living for the American Middle Class by 30% in 5 years and by 70% within 10 years.  This is a reasonable and achievable goal if Congress, regardless of political party, would start thinking of the Middle Class and working for the Middle Class when they consider legislation instead of kowtowing to the Special Interests and Economic Royalists.

Since 2000 the American Middle Class has increased its wealth by 0.3% as opposed to both Canada and the UK which have increased by 19.7%.  In other words Canada and the UK Middle Classes have increased at over 65 times that of the US.  Where the Middle Class in most developed nations is increasing in wealth, security, and power the American Middle Class in being steadily turned into a Serf Class or Working Poor Class.

AMP knows no political party, it only knows the Middle Class.  There are AMP Republicans, AMP Democrats, AMP Green Party, and AMP Independents.  There are AMP believers of all philosophies, cultures, religions, genders, and even economic classes.  There will always be minor political differences which will separate the Middle Class and people who share those minor differences should continue to try to promote all reasonable positions, but we must join together to promote the interests of the 85% of Americans who represent the Middle Class and share 90% of common American goals.

Those goals include such ideals as owning a home, providing the best educations for their children, to have healthcare and be free from the worry of accident or sickness, to have a comfortable retirement, to be secure in their person, papers, and possessions, to enjoy vacations and free time, to have a decent job or career, and to be treated equally with other Americans.

The Middle Class can accomplish anything if we refuse to allow the Economic Royalists and Multi-National Corporations to continue to divide us over minor and often meaningless difference and stop voting against our own interests.  It is not easy but it is simple to do if we are willing to invest a little effort to understand what we stand for and what those who wish to represent us stand for.  If we are willing to listen with open minds and understand that helping others helps ourselves and that programs, ideas, and legislation that helps most Americans also helps America.

Join other Americans who are using their “volting”* rights to recharge the Middle Class and power up with AMP.

* volting – the Power of accomplishment through informed Voting.