Election Day Holiday

I believe Election Day should be a paid National Holiday.  We profess our love for Democracy and we go all over the world promoting it, sometimes forcefully and yet we do not celebrate the one day that guarantees the continuation and health of that Democracy – Election Day.  We should embrace the day as the day of true Patriots and Americans where we exercise the Right, which before the United States of America was a rare Right in the world, to control and determine the direction of our Democracy.

I would also move Election Day to join with the 4th of July to create a four day weekend for a National Celebration of Freedom and Democracy.  A time for all Americans to remember the creation of our Country and further the maintenance and continuation of our Country.  It would be a celebration of the Creation and Continuation of our freedom and democracy.

Furthermore, by placing the election in the first week of July our Representatives could be held to, if nothing else, at least having to take ownership of the National Budget which would be due as the new fiscal year would start on October 1 of that year.  There would be no more hiding behind meaningless and often down right false 30 second ads in their campaigns but they would have to at least face one real issue that affects every single man, woman, and child in this Country.  It would become very obvious to every voter which Representatives had a true plan and which Representatives are just skating by on doing nothing.

In addition each Representative would have to answer for their own budget or budget choices.  If they could not answer questions on how they would vote on budget issues or if they had no policies on the budget then at least the voters would know that before the election.

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