In every level of government, from city to county to State, the citizens have the Right to Petition the government. This takes the form of Citizen Initiatives placed upon the ballot and voted on by every elector. This is Democracy at it greatest and most basic element.

The Citizen Initiative is the last tool available when a government and the Representatives who comprise of and control that government fail to serve the majority and instead serve the special interests and the Economic Royalists. When these same supposed “representatives” attempt to corrupt that same government by laws which limit the Rights and powers of the People, then even the elections are not a guarantee that the will of the People can succeed.

Elections which are artificially orchestrated through gerrymandered districts, oppressive and unfair election laws or voter requirements, the unfettered influx of special interest unlimited money, and the blatant use of propaganda, emotionally charged fabrications, and campaign claims all the way from misleading statements to outright lies. When our elections have become more about which candidate can say the least, rather than what does a candidate stand for, then our elections have become meaningless and it is no surprise that our government has become dysfunctional and impotent.

I would propose the Congress establish a procedure for placing a limited number of Citizen Initiatives on the National Ballot. If passed Congress could make only minor changes, such as making the Initiative legally and administratively effective. Congress would not be able to change or repeal the Initiative for at least 2-4 years.

There would be required a significant effort to qualify an Initiative for possible inclusion on the National Ballot and then only between 3 and 5 issues would be selected by the citizens to be placed on the National Ballot.