Platform & Positions

Election Day – Make Election Day a paid National Holiday.  Click for Details

National Ballot Initiative – The Right of the People to Petition is a Constitutional Right and this should be manifested in a Citizen Ballot Initiative. Click for Details

Social Security – Reform Social Security to make it solvent forever, to increase payments to retired Americans by up to 25%  additional over cost of living increases in the next three years worth up to $11,900 for a retired American, and lower the lifetime amount an average worker is taxed by up to $92,000 over their working life.

Education – Immediately establish up to a $4500 per semester tuition credit for all qualified students at public Universities and Colleges and transition as quickly as possible to paid tuition for higher education for all students who can qualify to attend our public Universities and Colleges.  Refinance all student debt at 1% interest rate. Click for Details

Voting and Money in Elections – Create a Voters Bill of Rights.  I am the only candidate who has actively attempted to remove the influence of money buying elections in Colorado.  I attempted to place an Initiative for a Voter Bill of Rights on the Ballot, which would remove the unimpeded influence of big money on elections in Colorado.  Click for Details

Climate and Environment – Climate Change is real, it is growing, and it is a danger to the safety and economy of America.  For a plan to immediately start reversing the causes of Climate Change, see Cap and Trade Carbon in this section.

Taxes – Reform the Income Tax system so that earned income is valued more than unearned income.  Create a progressive corporate tax rate and establish a progressive minimum tax rate to ensure that corporations that make billions do not avoid paying any taxes at all.  Limit tax credits to no more than 50% of a corporation’s annual tax.

Guns and Gun Violence –  Reasonable gun laws and regulations that work for the majority instead of the minority of American Citizens.  Also preventative measures to cut down on the number and severity of gun violence incidents. Click for Details

Medicare – Reform Medicare to create a national network of General Practice Doctors.  All Americans could receive basic medical care anywhere in the Country at a cost equivalent to or lower than their hourly wage per month.

Farm Policies – Immediately legalize the growing and production of any Hemp products, creating a new cash crop which can grow almost anywhere and is an unparalleled source of bio-fuels, paper products, clothing, and many other products.

Internet – Establish Net Neutrality and designate “last mile” providers as Common Carriers.  This would increase competition and lower the cost of all digital services, Internet, Phone, and TV by as much as 60%.

Cap and Trade Carbon – Establish a Cap and Trade policy where all adult citizens share equally in the total Carbon amount used in the US annually.  Citizens who are energy conscious and practice good conservation will be able to sell their extra credits to fund college, purchase a home, or pay off debts.

Congress Ethical, Workable, and Accountable – Link Congressional salaries to the minimum wage, allow every Senator and Congressman one Bill to the floor for a vote every year, and tighten conflict of interest issues.  Click for Details

Bill of Rights – Create a Modern Bill of Rights.

Economic Crash – Immediately Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act.

War and Conflict – Accept the Fact that War is Bad.  War should not be a great opportunity for large profits, the profit motive should be removed from war.  Any wars should be paid for with a war tax and no conflict would be consider over until all costs of the war were paid.  This would include all health issues , both physical and mental, for all returning veterans being covered and funding provided for as long as recovery takes.

Corporations – Reform corporations so that acting in the public good is more important than creating a profit.  Reform corporate taxes by instituting a minimum progressive bracket.

Immigration – Create a comprehensive policy which includes compliance and registration by immigrants, establish a cut off point for immigrants remaining in the country, penalties for employers and rental parties who ignore legal requirements, establish guidelines for a path to citizenship, and establish Human Rights for immigrants.

Energy – Create National Strategic Energy and Materials Reserve.  Create Alternative Energy Research and Development Fund.

Transportation – Create a Federal Mass Transit project equivalent to the National Highway System.

Minimum Wage –The minimum wage should be raised to a minimum of $11.00 per hour and tipped employees should make not less than 70% of minimum wage.  I support the proposed $15.00 minimum wage.