Proposed Legislation

No voter can know if they support a candidate if they do not have any idea what kind of legislation their Representative proposes to introduce in  Congress.  Therefore, I present here some examples of Legislation that I expect to propose in Congress.

This list will expand and the priority will change as the citizens that I represent express which legislation is most important to them.  The main criteria for determining priority is will this legislation improve life for the Middle Class, will it help the average citizen, and does it affect the greatest number of Americans.

Additional details for much of the Proposed Legislation can be found in the Positions area of this site.

  1. Election Day a paid National Holiday and move it adjacent to the July 4th Holiday to create a four day weekend for the Celebration of Democracy.
  2. Establish a procedure by which Americans can place a limited number of Citizen Petitioned Initiatives on the National Ballot.
  3. Establish Registration, Licensing, and Insurance requirements for the ownership of guns.  Legally define militia weapons and create regulations and procedures for safely storing, handling, and using those weapons.  Create organizations for tracking domestic threats and for providing mental health services for those in need.
  4. Up to a $2500 per semester tuition credit for every person who can qualify for admission to a public University or College in the United States.
  5. Reform the Income tax system to prefer earned income over unearned income – creating a tax cut of $900-$3400 for up to 85% of Americans.
  6. Reform Social Security resulting in up to a 15% increase above cost of living increases for retired Americans in the next 3 years – an increase of as much as $11,900 for a retired citizen and a decrease of taxes paid by working Americans in their working lifetime by as much as $92,000.
  7. Reform Medicare to create a National network of General Practice Doctors so that any American can go to any GP Doctor in the network anywhere in the Country – at a cost of what a citizen’s hourly wage is per month but not less than 1 hour at the prevailing minimum wage.
  8. Immediately legalize the growing of Hemp and the production of all Hemp products – creates a new cash crop which can be grown almost anywhere and is a valuable source of bio-fuels, paper, clothing, and many other consumer products.
  9. Secure the use of the Internet for all citizens equally.  Pass Net Neutrality and designate carriers of the “last mile” as common carriers – creates more competition and promotes the free market for Internet access lowering monthly costs for the average American and stops the large communication corporations from locking out the small business man or the average citizen from access to the business opportunities available on the Internet.
  10. Create a Carbon Cap and Trade program where the carbon credits are controlled equally by every adult citizen in America – creates a system where if a citizen is conservation minded they can sell their credits to pay for education or buy a home.
  11. Make Congress ethical and accountable – see Position paper for details